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Powerful Koch brothers rebuff big donors' calls to back Trump for White House

Powerful Koch brothers rebuff big donors' calls to back Trump for White House

The billionaire industrialist Koch brothers rejected pressure over the weekend from dozens of big donors in their sprawling political network to back U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying that their money was better spent trying to influence congressional races.

 Mon Aug 01 17:36:51 UTC 2016
Trump to Clinton: 'No more Mr. Nice Guy'

Trump to Clinton: 'No more Mr. Nice Guy'

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he was taking the gloves off in his battle against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House after taking a scorching from speakers at the Democratic National Convention.

 Sat Jul 30 01:15:55 UTC 2016
 Two military planes go down in unrelated incidents

Two military planes go down in unrelated incidents

The Thunderbirds perform a fly-over as graduates from the Air Force Academy toss their hats in the air at the conclusion of their commencement ceremony in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S., June 2, 2016.

 June 02, 2016 - 23:00:10 GMT

Air Force Thunderbird F-16 crashes in Colorado, pilot safe: Air Force

An Air Force F-16 with the Thunderbirds air demonstration squadron crashed on Thursday after performing a fly-by of the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony where President Barack Obama gave the commencement address, officials said.

 Thu Jun 02 20:39:27 UTC 2016
 General is 1st woman to lead top-tier US combat command

General is 1st woman to lead top-tier US combat command

Navy Admiral William E. Gortney, the outgoing commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, hugs the incoming commander, Air Force Gen. Lori J. Robinson, also giving her his Denver Broncos mug, during the change of command ceremony at Peterson Air Force Base, in Colorado Springs, Colo., Friday, May 13, 2016. Gen. Robinson is the first woman to lead a top-tier U.S. military command after taking charge Friday at NORAD and USNORTHCOM. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

 May 13, 2016 - 21:53:33 GMT

Colorado judge to rule on competency of accused clinic gunman

A judge in Colorado is expected to decide on Wednesday whether the man accused of killing three people and wounding nine others in a shooting rampage last year at a Planned Parenthood clinic is mentally fit to stand trial.

 Wed May 11 11:06:29 UTC 2016

Colorado clinic accused gunman due in court for competency hearing

A man accused of fatally shooting three people and wounding nine others at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado last year is set to return to court on Thursday for a hearing to determine if he is mentally competent enough to fire his lawyers.

 Thu Apr 28 10:11:18 UTC 2016

Matthews to play for United States at world championship

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Auston Matthews is the first player to be named by USA Hockey to the U.S roster for the upcoming world hockey championship in Russia.

 March 24, 2016 - 21:08:19 GMT

USA Cycling announces first 6 Olympic track cycling choices


 March 19, 2016 - 00:12:09 GMT

American rider Evelyn Stevens sets cycling's hour record


 February 27, 2016 - 21:08:06 GMT
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